Big Gun® Sprinklers

100 Series Big Gun®

Pivot end gun. Industrial dust fighter. High-end horse pasture sprinkler. Irrigation rock star. The 100 Series Big Gun® sprinkler does it all.

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Big Gun® Sprinklers

100 Series Big Gun®

100 Series Big Gun®

Flow: 40-300 gpm (9-68 m3/hr)

Pressure: 40-110 psi (2.75-7.5 bar)

Radius: 90-190 ft (27-58 m)

Trajectory: 18°, 21°, 24°, 43°, 15-45°


The 100 Series Big Gun® sprinkler is the classic high volume sprinkler - dominating the pivot end gun market for years. It's also a perfect fit for permanent and portable set irrigation systems. Simply put, no other sprinkler is used and excels in a more diverse range of applications.

The 100 Series is available with the widest range of options and accessories in the industry. Full or Part Circle models, multiple trajectories (including an adjustable model), three different nozzle styles, special coatings and effluent options for industrial applications - there is nothing the 100 Series won't do.


Full Circle F100

Full-circle operation, ideal for solid set irrigation and industrial applications.

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Part Circle SR100

The original pivot end gun and classic high volume sprinkler for part-circle operation.

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Adjustable Trajectory SRA100

Part-circle operation with adjustable trajectory from 15-45° for industrial applications.

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SRNV100 Nozzle Valve

Standard SR100 18° pivot end gun with an integrated, plug-free valve.

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