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D10 Spray

The D10 Spray is great for irrigation of delicate plant material, misting, and short radius applications in a nursery setting.

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Spinners & Sprays

D10 Spray

D10 Spray Irrigation Sprinkler

Flow: 0.54-5 gpm (128-1144 lph)

Pressure: 20-50 psi (1.5-3.5 bar)

Radius: 6-14 ft (1.8-4.3 m)

Nozzle Size: #8.3-20 2TN


The D10 Spray provides a flat continuous spray and can be mounted upright or inverted. It is available with the same adapters, nozzles, and accessories as the S10 spinner.

  • Tough, durable, and reliable build.
  • High uniformity.
  • Easy-clean, color-coded nozzles.
  • PVC or threaded adapter options.
  • Mini Regulator Drain Check option.
  • FT4 or FT5 feedtube options for easy connection to polyethylene pipe.
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