Big Gun® Sprinklers

75 Series Big Gun®

The 75 Series is the smallest option in the Big Gun® sprinkler family. It's a perfect fit for solid set irrigation, pivot end gun irrigation, or any application where large radius of throw is needed but flow and/or pressure are limited.

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Big Gun® Sprinklers

75 Series Big Gun®

Nelson Irrigation 75 Series Big Gun®

Flow: 25-160 gpm (6-36 m3/hr)

Pressure: 25-80 psi (1.75-5.5 bar)

Radius: 75-140 ft (23-43 m)

Trajectory: 18°, 21°, 24°, 43°


The Nelson 75 Series Big Gun® Sprinkler is available as a Full or Part Circle sprinkler in a variety of trajectories and connections. The interchangeable Taper Ring Nozzle makes customizing the flow rate a breeze. While it may be the smallest member of the Big Gun® sprinkler family, it uses the same heavy duty lower bearing and rugged construction of the larger sprinklers. It can also be paired with the QC100 for a portable, quick-coupling system.


Full Circle F75

Full-circle operation, ideal for solid set systems with limited available flow or pressure.

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Part Circle SR75

Part-circle operation for use as a pivot end gun or in solid set edge applications where pressure and/or flow is limited.

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