Nelson Irrigation irrigated avocados.


High uniformity and low application rate are critical when irrigating avocados.

Avocados have a shallow yet expanded root system and spreading the water out will increase root system health, and water and nutrient absorption. This contributes to high yield and grade.

Whether plantations are on berms, slopes or flat terrain the Nelson 7 Series (J7 Jet, S7 Spinner & R7 Rotator®) will match your needs for one-sprinkler-per-tree. Key features such as low-pressure flow-control nozzles, a quick-connect and easy-clean design, plus multiple assembly options enhance this irrigation system.

In some areas it is crucial to include a system to cool the field as avocados are susceptible to heat stress. The R10T Rotator® is ideal for crop cooling because it has fast rotation speeds, ideal droplet size and an impressive 30-32 foot radius — so fewer sprinklers per acre are needed. It also has flow control nozzles for hilly terrain and easily adapts to polyethylene lateral systems.  

7 Series Micro Sprinklers
R10/R10T Rotator® Sprinklers
S7 Spinner
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