Make the most of every acre.

End-of-pivot irrigation is crucial to gaining added acreage and making the most of your water and energy. Nelson’s engineers work every day to make end-of-pivot irrigation even easier to use and more effective. From low pressure to long range, there is an end-of-pivot product for every application.

Use a primary end gun with secondary end sprinkler for maximum uniformity and coverage, like this SR100 Big Gun® operating with a R55.

Make a big difference with short-range solutions like the R55 VT, R55i VT & R75.

The R55 VT end-of-pivot sprinkler is changing the way farmers irrigate with center pivots. It can be used to pick up added acreage throughout the full revolution of the pivot or just in the corners, depending on site specifics and irrigator preferences. It can be used in conjunction with a higher-volume Big Gun Sprinkler, with a Nelson 1000P Valve for superior control, or on its own for superior sprinkler performance. The R55 VT (with Blue plate) is made to be mounted in an upright position at the end of the overhang, while the R55i VT, with a specially engineered Green plate, has been made for inverted applications. This inverted, or “drop,” configuration is easier to plumb and effective in helping flush debris that collects at the end of the system. The R75 End of Pivot Sprinkler is a versatile, high-uniformity sprinkler based on field-proven Rotator® Technology. The R75 and R75LP (low pressure option) help fill in the corners and gain up to 70 feet (21 m) of added ground.

The R55VT is a favorite in end of pivot applications all over the globe.

Bring out the Big Guns for long-range coverage.

A Big Gun Sprinkler operating through a complete rotation on a quarter-section pivot (160 acres or 64.7 hectares) can effectively irrigate up to 20 additional acres (8.1 ha). Putting this additional land into production is a cost effective way to gain extra irrigated area. The SR100 Big Gun with an 18 degree trajectory is the most popular pivot end gun used on center pivots today. It is often paired with the 800P or 1000P end gun valve for reliable control. Or, for a plug resistant option, look at the SRNV100 with its integrated valve. Where high-pressure isn’t available at the end of a system, Nelson Irrigation has engineered lower-pressure options like the 18 degree SR75 for proven dependability, performance, long wear life, and reparability.

The original Big Gun® is tried and true for performance and dependability.



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