Nelson Wireless Controls

The primary benefit of automating the irrigation process is a savings in labor, energy and water, as well as production of higher yield and grade crops.    

Additional benefits:

  • Precision irrigation cycle times. Apply exactly the amount of water needed by the crop. 
  • Reduced initial cost compared to the high cost of hard wired systems. 
  • Eliminates in-ground wire splices which are a chronic source of problems. 
  • Reduced lightning damage associated with hard wired systems, except for direct strikes. 
  • Eliminates rodent damage associated with buried wires.  
  • Easily expandable to accommodate future system growth by simply adding TWIGs to the network. 
  • Solar power option brings automation to remote areas where no power source is available. 
  • Makes automation of portable systems possible. 
  • There is no limit to the number of TWIGs that can be turned on at any one given time.