an immeasurable impact on irrigation


The Evolution of the Rotator

Back in the 1980s Nelson saw it was a time for a change, and set out to completely redesign the impact sprinkler. The result was an entirely new drive mechanism with superior performance … the Rotator® sprinkler was born! This durable plastic creation simplifies the water propulsion method by limiting the moving parts to one.

Original Rotator Drawing
Credit Larry Meyer, Engineer – 1/18/80


How the Rotator® Works:

The water stream emitted from the nozzle is directed into an offset channel on the rotor plate, which creates a reactionary drive force. A viscous silicone fluid in the rotor motor controls the rotation speed. This precise and simple design solves many of the problems that the impact sprinkler faces. More uniform water distribution patterns can be achieved, reliability is enhanced, application rates are reduced, costs and maintenance are lowered, and riser vibration is eliminated.

Since the inception of Rotator® Technology, a whole line of sprinklers has been developed providing a flow range of 9 GPH to 8.5 GPM (34 to 1935 LPH) and a throw radius of 7’ to 50’ (2.1 to 15.2 m). This offering covers the gamut of solid-­set, wheel-­line, permanent set and portable applications.

Evolution of the Rotator

This picture shows 20+ years of
Rotator development including
pivot sprinklers, field sprinklers
and the MP Rotator turf sprinkler
(since sold to Hunter Industries).