The PC-R2000WF is a Part-Circle Rotator that distributes water in a 180 degree arc. It is intended to irrigate the edge of a field where full circle Rotators are used in the interior. 

PC-R2000WF Features:

·  Easier to install and more durable Road Guard
·  All orange color easily distinguishes the part circle model from full circle sprinklers in the field.
·  Improved uniformity over all other Road Guard models allows more precise nozzle size selection because:
       1. Water is more evenly distributed along the edges of the    watering area.
       2. No diffuser and improved Road Guard reduces over     watered areas.

To reduce overwatering select a nozzle size for the PC-R2000WF that is between 65 and 75% of the flow of the full circle Rotators. See selection chart below.

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