R2000WF Rotator®

The R2000WF Rotator - the “Windfighter” - consistently delivers higher uniformity than impact sprinklers.

The R2000WF forms a tight wind-penetrating stream that is systematically broken up by a diffuser, filling in the water pattern. Its sweeping action gently distributes water droplets to the ground preventing soil compaction. The R2000LP is a low-pressure version of the R2000WF. The R2000WF pressure range is 40-65 PSI (2.75-4.5 bar) while the R2000LP is 25-50 PSI (1.75-3.5 bar). Use the R2000WF and R2000LP for overhead irrigation, cooling, and environmental control for nursery crops, tree, vine, small fruit, and berry crops. It’s also perfect for revegetation, mining, and other specialty uses. 



System Types

Thread and Connection Options

Portable pipe such as aluminum,
polyethylene, and PVC.
Side roll and permanent solid set systems.

ACME thread  fits 1/2", 3/4"
and 25 mm PVC Adapter & 3/8",
1/2" or 3/4" MNPT Adapter.

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