Advanced Nozzle Systems

The new multi-tasking 
3NV Nozzle System

At the heart of the 3030 Series is the new 3NV Nozzle. Built with the precision accuracy of the 3TN, this innovative dial-nozzle combines multiple functions so you can “micro-manage” your system. The 3NV Nozzle System covers complete nozzle range, using the same numbering and flow rates as the 3TN Nozzle System.



Press, Spin, "Click"

Manage your system without ever having to remove a nozzle:

  • Quick-change — push & turn, audible “click”
  • Change system flow quickly and accurately
  • Meet differing in-season demands
  • Stainless steel spring for accurate and secure positioning
  • Since On, Off, and Flush functions all take place without removing the nozzle, no more dropped or lost nozzles in the field!
  • No more fumbling with or dropping nozzles.

Precision Control

Meet differing in-season demands:

  • Covers complete nozzle range, using the same numbering and flow rates as the 3TN Nozzle System
  • SUPERIOR FLUSHING OPTIONS: Sequence to work debris through. It’s never advised to stick something in a nozzle – the 3NV flushes with a quick and simple turn of the nozzle. No tools necessary. 
  • “ON” and “OFF” can be selective: 
  • If you’re overwatering, or if you need to conserve water for a time, simply select the sprinklers you want to turn off. Consider the cost savings of having a built-in ball valve on every sprinkler!

The 3TN Nozzle System

The 3TN Nozzle System is the center of the 3000 Series Pivot Product line. The 3TN Nozzle is interchangeable with all 3000 Series sprinklers.







Color-coded System

The nozzle sizing system is based on 128th inch increments, i.e. 3TN Nozzle #26 has an orifice diameter of 26/128th inches while 3TN Nozzle #27 has an orifice diameter of 27/128th inches. Odd numbered nozzles have a color box around the number marking. This color box denotes the color of next larger nozzle size.