Map-Based Pivot Program


A Map-based Program for Organizing Pivot Information

Nelson Irrigation Corporation is proud to introduce PivotMapper – the first map-based information solution designed to connect you with important and quickly evolving information used every day to sell, operate and service center pivot irrigation systems. PivotMapper is based on the idea that it is easier to find information on a digital map than in a filing cabinet. PivotMapper makes it easy to quickly map locations and securely store information about the center pivots you manage. Imagine sharing with your team real time dynamic information, anytime and anywhere – in the dealership, on the road, and in the field.

Center pivots are complex machines that require management of ever-changing information – including sprinkler charts, hardware specifications, and farm and field information.  Modern irrigation systems require a team of people having access to current information in order to keep things running smoothly. PivotMapper is the solution to keep those things growing forward.

Access your information any time, from any location, with any web connected device:  desktop; laptop; tablet; or smartphone. Maximize your “business intelligence” and awareness of your market. Stay productive, stay organized and stay on top.
We invite you to discover how PivotMapper fits perfectly into your business. Activate a free trial by entering your promotional code at   If you don’t have a promotional code and would like to request one, please use the following link to the registration form.  

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