15-40 PSI (1.0-2.8 bar)


Nelson Irrigation continues to take its proprietary Rotator® Technology to new levels. 

The R55 (use R55i for inverted use) End of Pivot Sprinkler is changing the way farmers irrigate with center pivots. It can be used to pick up added acreage both throughout the full revolution of the pivot or just in the corners, depending on site specifics and irrigator preferences. It can be used in conjunction with a higher volume Big Gun® Sprinkler – or on its own. The R55 can be mounted upright (use blue plate) or inverted (use gray plate) at the end of the overhang. It can always remain on, turn on via a solenoid on an 800 series valve or work under the logic of a linked control system with a SR100/800P Valve or SRNV100 (Nozzle Valve).


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