200 Series Big Gun®

The 200 Series is a perfect fit for reclaimed water and other applications where maximum flow is desired.

Anodized or Powder Coated units are available.

The Nelson 200 Series Big Gun comes as a Full or Part Circle sprinkler with a 21°, 24°, or 27° trajectory. Taper Bore or Ring Nozzles are available.

Add-on kits include:

Secondary Nozzle Kit (standard) and 12° Wedge Kit (SR200 only). There is substantial thrust on a riser, so use 4” valve minimum.

Connection options include

Nelson, Euro, or ANSI/DIN Flange (Also, Nelson Flange–to-Female Adapters).

F200 (Full Circle)


250-1200 GPM (55-275 M³/H)

60-130 PSI (4-9 Kg/cm²)

Accessories and related products