Modularity=Economy & Efficiency

Nelson 3000 Series Pivot Products are easily interchangeable and adapt to ever-changing conditions.

Each sprinkler is made up of an assembly of a cap, plate, body, and nozzle. The 3TN Nozzle is interchangeable with all 3000 Series sprinklers. A variety of connection devices are available to link the sprinkler with a hose or rigid drop.


  • A square thread fitting or Universal Regulator are a great way to connect sprinkler & hose
  • 3TN Nozzles are quick to change and color-coded for easy identification:
     - Change system flow quickly and accurately.
     - No more fumbling with or dropping nozzles.
     - Meet differing in-season demands.
  • All 3000 Series Pivot Product bodies have a “CROP-GUARDED” design to prevent hang-ups when the sprinkler is down in the crop.
  • The 3000 Series high-performance plates are engineered to provide the optimal droplet size for any condition.
  • No bearings or seals are exposed to water quality or pressure. Expect long life, even in dirty water conditions.

3tn dual & triple nozzle clips

Nelson 3000 Series sprinklers can be equipped with two or three nozzles using the 3TN Dual Nozzle Clip or 3TN Triple Nozzle Clip. These allow you to precisely match crop water requirements through the season. During germination, lower system flow rates lessen the intensity of water droplets to maintain proper soil structure and reduce runoff. Adjust the system flow as crop water requirements change.