Direct 1/2” & 3/4” Impact
Replacements - Rotators
are “Better than Brass”

Wheel lines are laborsaving, portable irrigation systems that have served growers well for many years. They are set-and-move systems that are stationary for 8, 12 or 24 hour sets.



The R2000WF can be adapted for use on wheel lines if the spacing is 40’ x 50' or closer. The R2000WF provides better uniformity than impact sprinklers and can be combined with the Nelson Mini Regulator Drain Check to lock in flow and uniformity. Like the R2000WF, the R33 is a direct replacement for impact sprinklers. While brass sprinklers are prone to damage, clogging, and theft, Rotator® Sprinklers are easy to clean, easy to repair, and purchasable at a reasonable cost.

New design technologies have made our latest Rotator® Sprinklers highly uniform, however any sprinkler can provide poor coverage if it is not properly spaced. Be sure to have a uniformity analysis completed before you finalize your spacing, pressure, and other sprinkler decisions. Nelson’s Overlap Software can provide you with the specific information you need to get a highly uniform system at a reasonable cost.