Irrigating Wheat

for Irrigating
Cereal Grains

Cereal grains provide basic resources for feeding the world. The various cereal types require a wide range of water management tools, but they all will see improved production when irrigated properly. Nelson Irrigation Corporation provides those tools to help improve your production.


Irrigating Wheat



Since the evolution of irrigation and the first flood systems, automated irrigation has been the tool to save water, save energy, and save labor. Today, cereal crops are irrigated in many ways. The wheel line, towline, and Solid Set markets benefit from Nelson’s Rotator® technology because of improved uniformity, longevity, ease of repair, and reduced operating cost. Mechanized irrigation systems like the Center Pivot provide a platform for maximized production when used in conjunction with the appropriate 3000 Rotator Series Sprinkler. When used with a Traveling system or Solid Set, the Big Gun® provides a unique solution for irrigating oddly shaped fields. 

The art and science of irrigation relies on a combination of planning and technology to reduce surface sealing and runoff. With Nelson products, you can maximize your return on investment!



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