Solid Set
Systems for
Pivot Corners

With the heavy-duty reliability of Nelson’s 800 Series Control Valves and the introduction of the new 1000 Series and TWIG Wireless Control System the traditional Solid Set Big Gun system can be transformed into something quite revolutionary.



Advantages of a Big Gun system for pivot corners include:

  • EASY INTEGRATION. Big Guns can be blended into the end gun pattern of a center pivot to allow pivot corners to be farmed easily with a minimum of field obstacles.
  • Labor Savings. The ability to change Big Gun sets without having to go into the field.
  • Customizable irrigation run times. A grower can run some Big Guns in a field longer than others. 
  • Easy and reliable zone cycling.
  • Valve clustering. Up to 4 valves and associated Big Guns can run off of one TWIG.


R2000WF and R33 Rotator Sprinklers can also be used as a solid set solution to irrigate pivot corners. Use 800 Series or 1000 Series Valves in conjunction with TWIG Wireless Controls for efficient & effective irrigation automation.


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