Irrigating Cotton

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The supplemental irrigation of cotton has evolved over recent years. Flood irrigation has been replaced in many areas by Center Pivot irrigation to conserve water and provide higher uniformity for growing this essential fiber. Look to 3000 Series Pivot Products, Pressure Regulators and Control Valves for efficiency and effectiveness.




The 3TN Nozzle system for the 3000 Series offers quick change of flow or function. Couple this with the Accelerator, Orbitor, or Sprayhead depending on your needs.


  • The new sprinkler converter for the A3000 Accelerator allows you to irrigate, spray, bubble, OR chemigate — ALL IN ONE.

  • The O3000 Orbitor is a new sprinkler offering outstanding uniformity with a bracketless design to minimize drift and debris hang-up.

  • The HD3000 Hose Drag Adapter and the D3000 Bubbler Clip are perfect for LEPA applications.


Nelson Irrgation's wide range of sprinkler products helps the grower with their cotton irrigation and cotton irrigation management needs.


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