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Rotator® sprinklers have been used to irrigate cherry orchards for more than 20 years now. This field-proven technology has been fine tuned, so there are a number of dependable products available to give you optimal performance in under-tree irrigation.




Choose Rotator® Full Coverage Irrigation to irrigate cherries, and use it in conjunction with Pressure Regulators (with optional drain check), Control Valves, and the Nelson Control System for system automation. Solid Set is the system of choice, and it is greatly enhanced by the flexibility and ease of installation of Nelson's family of Feedtube Assemblies.

"One of the most critical stages in fruit development is from the end of pit hardening to harvest and typically occurs concurrently with the highest temperatures of the season. During this period, rapid fruit growth takes place through cell expansion that is dependent upon available water, and the tree is initiating flower buds for the following season’s crop. Properly managing irrigation is analogous to managing money. In addition to knowing your current bank balance (soil water content), it is important to track both expenses (evapotranspiration) and income (rainfall and irrigation)."

Dr. Brent Black, USU Extension Fruit Specialist, Dr. Robert Hill, USU Extension Irrigation Specialist, and Dr. Grant Cardon, USU Extension Soils Specialist. Orchard Irrigation: Cherry - March 2008. 




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