From Pivot Point
to End Gun

Nelson Irrigation Corporation offers a full-range of water application solutions for center pivot irrigation. From control valves, to pivot sprinklers and pressure regulators to end guns — the package is complete. Efficiency and effectiveness are at the heart of this superior center pivot irrigation package.



Built around the foundation of the 3TN quick-change nozzle system, Nelson 3000 Series Pivot Sprinklers provide the best water application solutions for your specific GeoCropical® needs. Choose the R3000 Rotator® for ultimate uniformity with the widest throw available on drops. The R3000 Rotator is best in its class at getting water in the ground, minimizing conditions that cause runoff and erosion.

Nelson Pressure Regulators deliver accurate pressure control in demanding conditions. The patented, single-strut inlet seat provides greater plug resistance than other designs.

And, for end guns, look to the Nelson SR75 or SR100 Big Gun® for extended life and trouble-free operation.

For system control and end gun operation, specify Nelson 800 Series Control Valves.


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