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Irrigating Apples & Pears

Choose Rotator® Full Coverage Irrigation to irrigate apple and pear orchards. Solid Set is the system of choice and is greatly enhanced by the flexibility and ease of installation of Nelson's family of Feedtube Assemblies. The successful orchard irrigaiton solution.



Nelson Rotator® sprinklers are widely used in the production of apple and pear crops worldwide. Benefiting from high uniformity, low precipitation rates, and unmatched reliability, orchards utilizing Rotator technology produce exceptional yields and high-quality fruit.

Rotator® sprinklers and Full Coverage Irrigation offer a more complete orchard irrigation solution compared to drip irrigation, impact sprinklers, and micro sprays.

Today a full line of Orchard Rotator sprinklers from the R5 to the R33 is available for both irrigation and environmental control.

Rotator sprinklers are the preferred choice by orchardists worldwide.

Nelson Irrgation's wide range of sprinkler products helps the grower with their Apple orchard and Pear orchard irrigation and orchard irrigation management needs.

Rotator® Full Coverage Irrigation provides:

·  High uniformity
·  Reliability
·  Cooling
·  Improved nutrient availability
·  Larger root systems, reduced stress, and more fruiting wood.


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