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TWIG Wireless Control System Available through Certified Nelson TWIG Dealers

January 24, 2015

The purpose of the Nelson Wireless Control System is to provide a method of automatically cycling through a series of irrigation control valves in a programmed sequence. While many wireless systems on the market target overall farm automation, data collection, and data management, the TWIG system is specifically designed for automation of irrigation control valves. The TWIG system is sophisticated, yet engineered for simplicity.The TWIG System consists of a TD200 Controller capable of controlling up to 100 TWIGs. The TWIGs are located in the field on solenoid operated valves. The system operates like a conventional hard-wired automated irrigation system except the underground wires have been eliminated and replaced by two-way wireless radio signals between the TD200 and the TWIGs. The TD200 and the TWIGs that it controls are referred to as a “network”. The TWIG system operates in the 900 MHz range and does not require a license. 

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