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R55i (Inverted) End of Pivot Sprinkler

January 13, 2016

Nelson Irrigation Corporation introduced the R55 End of Pivot Sprinkler back in 2013 and it's been full speed ahead ever since! Using the R55 has proven to be an economical way to pick up extra acres and improve the uniformity past the end of the system. The original R55 was to be mounted in the upright position only. The New R55i, with a specially engineered gray plate, has been made for inverted applications. This configuration is found to be easier to plumb - and some say it's effective in helping manage debris that collects at the end of the system. Please note that radius is typically less for the inverted, gray plate than for the blue plate.  See data tables for details. 

Operate in the pressure range of 15-40 psi (1.0-2.8 bar) and use nozzles #52-#80. Do not use #90 Blue Nozzle. 

Click here for Performance and Installation Instructions. 

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