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New Tan Bubble-Wide Spray Plate for Low Energy Precision Application

January 30, 2017

The Tan Bubble-Wide plate is now available for Low Energy Precision Applications in the 6-10 psi range (0.4 bar-0.7 bar). This plate fits the legacy A3000/D3000 sprinklers and the new A3030/D3030 sprinklers (with the 3NV Nozzle). This configuration creates a wider dome of water than standard straight down bubblers providing full coverage irrigation. This pattern treats the soil better and can increase efficiencies by reducing wind drift and evaporation versus standard Spray plates. It can be used with a #9 nozzle up to a #30 nozzle. Space from 30" to 60". Click here to see video showing plate geometry, the sprinkler in action and use with the sprinkler converter and 3NV Nozzle (3030 Series). 

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