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Introducing the Delta P for Pivot End Gun Valve Control

November 12, 2014

We are pleased to announce for sale and distribution the Delta P for Pivot End Gun Valve Control with the SRNV100 Big Gun.

#8211-316 - SRNV100, 18° x 2” FNPT w/ Delta P (less nozzle)
#12289 - Delta P Kit  

The SRNV100 is an end gun and control valve in one. The nozzle valve improves end gun performance and efficiency by eliminating pressure loss, turbulence, and debris hang-up typical of other end gun control valves. The Delta P can be paired with the SRNV100 to further improve reliability by eliminating the need for a costly solenoid. The Delta P automatically opens and closes the nozzle valve by sensing pressure upstream and downstream of the booster pump.

Note: During system start up the nozzle valve is open until the end pressure reaches approximately 8 psi. If at any time the end pressure drops below 8 psi the valve will open.

Click here for PDF with basic information and installation details.

Save water, save energy and do a better job of irrigating. 

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