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Western Washington, Western Oregon, Upper Midwest, New England, BC/MB Canada

Steve McCoon

Phone: 509-520-0035
Direct Line: 509-524-7449

California, Arizona, Nevada

Craig Stafford

Phone: 209-604-5307
Direct Line: 408-358-4183

Midwest & Southeast U.S.

Scott Harn

Phone: 309-338-8546
Direct Line: 509-524-7476

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Lanny Ptacek

Phone: 509-240-4206
Direct Line: 509-524-7418
Skype: lanny.ptacek

Rotator Product Manager

John Rowley

Phone: 509-520-0031
Direct Line: 509-524-7419

Intermountain States, Canada

Don Zimmerman

Direct Line: 509-524-7489

West & Midwest U.S.

Gene Ross

Phone: 402-719-4255
Direct Line: 509-524-0378

Phone: 509-520-0038
Direct Line: 509-524-7467

Domestic OEM Manager

Dick Schisler

Direct Line: 509-524-7429

Mexico, Latin & South America

Graham Hutchinson

Direct Line: 509- 524-7481
Skype: graham481

Nelson Irrigation Corporation

848 Airport Road
Walla Walla, WA 99362-2271
Phone: 509-525-7660
Fax: 509-525-7907

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